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30a bra size

What is 30A bra size?

30A bra size is for women with small figure. It is one of the rare sizes as the band size is 30 inches that is the ribcage measures 30 inches. The bust size is 31 inches and the single inch difference between band and bust; hence the cup size is A.

Finding a perfect bra is hectic task for any sized woman. And it is more difficult for those with small figure and small breasts. There are very few companies producing bra that fits for petite women.

30a bra size


The real problem with 30A

The problem with small busts women is that they think A is the cup for small breasts. They never think that they might go up with the cup size relating to their actual band sizes. Women with small frame tend to settle with 32B or 32A and do not bother to explore the other sizes. Most of them are unaware of the sister sizing. You can learn more about sister sizes here.

The other problem can be the wrong measurement. Most women are wearing wrong size bra as they take the wrong measurement and believe it. Girls, get fitted. Most of the lingerie stores will happily do that for you.


If you are 30A, do you need to worry?

No. You do not need to worry if you are 30A bra size. Yes, size 30A is small but there is nothing to worry about it. Most of the Victoria Secret’s models are 30A bra size. Most women, these days are working their butt off to have slender frame as yours. Have confidence and be proud of your breasts. Remember, beauty comes in all sizes.

30a bra size

Also, you need not worry about finding the perfect fit bra. Though not many companies manufacture small sizes, for 30A, it is not so difficult to find one. And you can always go for sister sizing. The manufacturers are now listening to the complains of small size women so they are acting upon it.


Where can you find 30A bra?

30a bra size

Not many companies manufacture small size bra. But there are some who specialize in small size bra.

Lula Lu Petites and The Little Bra Company are two companies that specialize in bras for small busts.

Brands like Huit and Affinitas Intimates also produce bras of 30A size.


International Conversion of 30A Bra Size

US – 30A

UK – 30A

Europe – 65A

Australia – 8A

French – 80A


Sister sizes of 30A

US – 28B & 32AA

UK – 26C, 28B & 32AA

Europe – 70AA

Australia – 10AA

French – 85AA


Celebrities with Bra Size 30A

If you think small bust is not good and attractive, then look at these celebrities. They are size 30A and still very attractive and beautiful.

30a bra size30a bra size

Hayley Williams – American Singer and songwriter

Ellen Page – Canadian Actress

Rose Bryne – Australian Actress

Nicola Peltz –American Actress

Kristen Connolly – American Actress

Georgie Henley – English Actress

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