Bra spillage? Why It Happens and How To Prevent It?

Bra spillage occurs when the breast tissue’s topside cannot fit onto the bra’s cup. It can happen for several reasons and some of them are stated below.

But before going over the reasons for the bra spillage, it would be vital if we went through some of the bra styles and some of the breast types.

1. Full coverage bras

Their cups cover all parts of the breast, and they usually come in both the unlined and lined styles. They are known to be best for all types of breasts.

2. T-shirt bras

They are lightly lined and have cups that are molded. They do not come with an underwire and are best for all types of breasts.

3. Balconette

They are horizontally cut across the top sides of the cups and best fit all types of breasts. They have a slight drawback as they are highly likely to cause spillage if the fit is smaller.

4. Push-up bra

They are padded with extra padding on the cup’s bottom side to improve cleavage. They are perfect for all types of breasts.

bra spillage

Reasons for bra spillage:

1. Uneven breasts

In most cases, one breast in a woman tends to be more extensive than the other. Not all women notice this difference; this may bring about an issue when one is on the lookout for a bra that correctly fits. Hence, when one is out to shop for a bra, she looks for a bra basing it on the larger breast but should there arise a more massive gap, it is recommended for one to add inserts or some forms of padding.

2. Cup size

The cups may not correctly cover the breasts if you are on a small cup. This kind of coverage usually varies from one style to the other.

3. The type of breasts

There are various types of breasts, and not all of them can fit into every type of bra. The types of breasts are as follows:


It is broad and muscular, with minimal breast tissues.


It has a cone shape and is typically breasts of smaller sizes.


They are full on the bottom and topsides hence leading to the creation of a round shape.


These breasts have loose breast tissue that has their nipples pointing downwards.


They are narrow and occasionally long, and they usually point downwards.


In shape, they are round on the bottom side, but they are less full on the top.


One of the breasts is larger as compared to the other. Most women have this kind of breasts, with the only difference arising from having a half cup size.

type pf breasts
For reference

4. The size of the band

If the band is very tight, it can lead to stretching the cups farther away than how they are supposed and made to show the cup’s edge cutting into your breast tissues.

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Ways in Which One Can Ascertain If Her Bra Cup Is Too Small

The best way that is recommended for one to figure out if the breasts are always spilling out is by measuring oneself and making sure that you are on the appropriate size.

Steps to follow when measuring yourself:

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the size of the band.
  2. The tape measure should be wrapped around the back and the chest. You should ensure it is going beneath the arms but above the bust line.
  3. It would help if you rounded it off to the nearest number as this will help give out the size of your band.
  4. You should measure across the fullest parts of your bust.
  5. The chest measurements and bust measurements should be subtracted to find out the size of the cup.

How to Prevent the Spillage of Bras?

In most cases, the spillage of bras is owed to the fact that one is not wearing the right sizes; therefore, it is highly recommended that one buys a bra that, in terms of the cup’s size, is one size up. However, it should be noted that the bra should and must cover all the breasts without necessarily having to lead to an overflow to add on that one is advised to ensure that she doesn’t go way up in the band.

Bra spillage can also be owed to wearing a bra of the wrong kind; hence, if one’s breasts are more extensive, one should opt for the full coverage bras, not minding the size. It would help if you also tried other options available in stores to get some ideas of the best fit.


Regardless of the type of breast that you possess, you can wear any style that you like if only it perfectly fits.

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