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30c bra size

What is 30C bra size?

If your bra size is 30C, then your band is 30 inches and bust is 3 inches bigger than your band that is 33 inches. C cup is not so small cup. The woman with 30C bra size has slender frame but relatively bigger breasts. It is pretty average size but a less common bra size.

Little more about 30C bra size

The number in the bra size is the size of the band and the alphabet is the size of the cup. Though the cup size may be labeled as C with different band sizes such as 30C, 32C, 34C and so on, the cup size is not the same. The depth of the cup may be same but the width differs. This is because woman with small body does not have the same cup width as woman with bigger body.

So, 30C is not just same as 28C or 32C. Rather 30C is same as 34A or 32B or 28D because they all have the same cup volume. They are called the sister sizes. Knowing the sister sizes is very helpful for the women who has petite body type while buying bras. There aren’t many companies manufacturing bras with 30 bands.

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Buying 30C bra size

When buying bra for yourself, make sure you get the right measurement. It is very important to find and wear a perfect fit bra. It is always difficult but the hassle is worth. Most women are wearing wrong size bra simply because they don’t take their correct measurements.

Only few companies produce small sized bras so it is kind of difficult for petite women to get the perfect fit. The Little Bra Company is one the companies that truly specializes in producing bra for petite body type. There are online stores where you can find 30C bra size. If you are 100% sure about your size and type then you can make online purchases. Otherwise visiting a nearby store and getting fitted before buying is recommended.

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International Conversion of 30C Bra Size

  • US – 30C
  • UK – 30C
  • Europe – 65C
  • Australia – 8C
  • France – 80C

Sister sizes of 30C

  • US – 28D, 32B, 34A, 36AA
  • UK – 26DD, 28D, 32B, 34A, 36AA
  • Europe – 70B, 75A, 80AA
  • Australian – 10B, 12A, 14AA
  • French – 85B, 90A, 95AA

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Celebrities with 30C Bra Size

If you do not trust us while we say 30C is wonderful, look at the celebrities below:

30c bra size 30c bra size

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