Most Common Questions Women Ask About Bras

How do I put on my bra?

Slip straps over your shoulders. Then lean forward to fill the cups fully.  Fasten the hook on the first or middle clasp. Hold your bra and adjust yourself into the cup, then adjust the straps.


How do I know if my bra is fitting correctly?

The centre and the sides of your bra should lie smoothly instead of cutting into the flesh. The cups should also fit smoothly; no wrinkling cups and your breasts should not overflow. If cups are wrinkling, try smaller size; if breast are overflowing, try larger cups.


Why are so many women wearing a wrong size bra?

Most women choose to look good than to wear a bra that fits correctly. They are not aware of the relation of band size and cup size. Even the sales staffs don’t have enough knowledge about the right size of bra for an individual. Just the style is not enough when it comes to the right bra.


How long a bra can last?

A bra stretches every time you wear it. If you have 3 or 4 right size of bras and you take care of them properly, then you can get through couple of years with them. If you wear the same bra every day, it won’t last long.


What kind of bra is best for larger-sized breasts?

Woman with larger-sized breasts should be happy now as there are varieties of styles they can choose from. The best choice is always yours, however, underwire bras are extremely supportive and gives you natural shape and cups with less fabric.


Is bra needed for very small breasts?

Bra is must, regardless of the size of breasts. They have weight even if they are smaller in size, bra provides support. Also a bra prevents breasts from spreading wider, creating more space between them. And the right fitting bra under your street clothes definitely improves your look.


How to take care of bra?

Wash it in a mild detergent and hand wash is the best. If you want to machine wash, place the bra in a proper washing mesh bag. Always hang to dry.


How do I measure myself for a bra?

You have to take two measurements when you are measuring yourself for a bra:

  1. Under-bust Measurement: Measure the base of your breast around your ribcage.
  2. Around-bust Measurement: Measure around your breast.

The difference between your under-bust and around-bust measurement determines your cup size.

This measurement is not always accurate.


What things to consider while buying a bra?

Here are few things to keep in mind while buying a bra:

  1. The band should be comfy and secure, not so tight and not so loose.
  2. The straps should rest comfortably on your shoulders.
  3. The cup should take in your entire breast.
  4. The underwire should rest at the base of your breasts, providing support for your breasts.


How many bras should I have at a time?

Having 3-4 bras at a time is enough. You should change your bra every one or two days and hand wash after that. This way 3-4 bra can last for couple years.


Do all bras fit the same?

No. The size and shape of the bra depends on the manufacturer. Even the color and fabrics matters when it’s about the size of bra.


How do I adjust the straps on my bra?

The easiest way to adjust the straps on your bra is getting help from someone. If there is no one to help you, you can hook the band of bra with arms outside of the straps, adjust the straps and put your arms through the straps and adjust the breasts position. Remember not to tighten the straps, they should feel comfortable.


Why do my bra straps keep falling off my shoulders?

If that is happening often, then you must be wearing a bra with loose band, which makes straps loose for you. Try bra with smaller band size. Other things to prevent the straps from falling off:

  1. Try bra with straps that are further inset on the shoulder.
  2. Try a convertible or racerback bra style.
  3. Try a shoulder cushion.


Why is my bra always riding up my back?

This is because you are wearing a bra with wrong band size. If the band is loose for you then it rides up your back.


Why does my bra leave redness on my body?

The bra is wrong for you if you get redness and bruises. You should find yourself a properly fitting bra which is comfortable. But also if you wear anything against your skin for longer time that will certainly leave red marks.