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What is 36D bra size?

Commonly, 36D bra size is on the large side of the average bra size. With this on mind, 36D is considered large not just because of the D cup but also the size of band. The cup size differs with the change in the band size even if it is the same D cup or B cup or any cup. The cup size increases with the increase in the band size; hence 36D’s cup is larger than 32D’s cup. Likewise 36D is smaller than 40D.

36d bra size

A 36D bra cup is almost equal to the cup of 38C or 40B. Though the band size is not the same the cup volume of these bra sizes are almost the same. The woman who wears 36D has the larger bone structure than the women who wear 32DD. 36D may look relatively larger on a woman with smaller frame and at the same time it might not look so big on a woman with wide hips. Women with 36D bust should wear a bra support her breasts.

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Appearance of 36D breasts

36D breasts are most likely to be larger a handful. 34D can appear fairly average or comparatively large depending on the woman’s body shape. If a woman has her lower half larger than her upper half, then her hips will overshadow the size of her breasts. So, her breasts will appear just an average. If a woman has flat stomach then 36D breasts are much noticeable from the side, as the breasts would project visibly. The ‘apple’ shape body that is more weight in the stomach area doesn’t leave much definition between breasts and stomach, hence the breasts will appear small. But the 36D breasts will prominently appear to be large if a woman has a slender figure and small frame.

36d bra size


36D Natural Breasts and Implants

Various factors like lifestyle, genetics, woman’s body shape and fat storage patterns determine the appearance of the breasts. As said earlier, 36D breasts appear to be large on a woman who has slender figure and small frame. They are large enough to cause sagging. According to Dr. Fardad Farouzanpour, in addition to biology, ‘gravity, weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, certain sports that can cause the breasts to bounce, and possibly cigarette smoking’ can contribute to sagging. Hence, women with natural 36D breasts sometimes prefer breasts implants and breast lift to prevent their breasts from sagging and add more lift to their breasts.

36d bra size

On the other hand 36D is the size women with naturally smaller sizes like 30B or 30C want to achieve after the breast augmentation to make her bust more full and perky. If you want a breasts implant then you should remember that most surgeons recommend the implants that are within two-cup sizes of the original breast size if you want to achieve natural looking breasts. Hence, woman with natural 36B or 36C would get the natural look if they opt for 36D after augmentation.

36d bra size


What makes 36D more prominent?

The appearance of the 36D breasts vary depending on the women’s body shape, bra type she wears and her clothing preferences. Women with 36D breasts choose to wear bras that provide lots of support and lift because 36D breasts generally appear lower on the chest than other smaller sizes. Some women with 36D wish to minimize the visibility of their breasts; hence, they wear compression undergarments. Regardless of what type of bras they wear or what kind of clothing they wear, 36D will never look small and impossible to hide its appearance.

36d bra size


International Conversion of 36D Bra Size

US – 36D

UK – 36D

Europe – 80D

Australia – 14D

France – 95D

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Sister sizes of 36D

US – 28H, 30DDDD/G, 32DDD/F, 34DD/E, 38C, 40B, 42A, 44AA

UK – 26G, 28FF, 30F, 32E, 34DD, 38C, 40B, 42A, 44AA

Europe – 65G, 70F, 75E, 85C, 90B, 95A, 100AA

Australian – 8F, 10E, 12DD, 16C, 18B, 20A, 22AA

French – 80G, 85F, 90E, 100C, 105B, 110A, 115AA

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Celebrities with 36D Bra Size

Every woman’s breasts are unique to each other in appearance. Here are beautiful celebrities with 36D bra size:

36d bra size 36d bra size

Julia Ormond – English actress

Laetitia Casta – French actress and model

Jessica Simpson – American recording artist, actress, fashion designer

Jennifer Love Hewitt – American actress, producer, singer-songwriter

Lindsay Lohan – American actress, model and recording artist

Lene Nystrom – Norwegian singer-songwriter


  • mh

    “But the 36D breasts will prominently appear to be large if a woman has a slender figure and small frame.”

    What a load of — !

    A woman with a small frame will not wear a 36 band. A woman with a small frame will be in a 32 or 30 band or even smaller, wearing the sistersize of 36D, such as 30F.

    The model with the black hair and the beige bra is a good example. If the bra is a Krisline as I think it is, the model is most likely around UK 32G or US 32i, bc this is the size Krisline commonly uses for modelling purposes. I find it misleading that you have her as an example of 36D.

    I am also kinda bothered that you list only bandsizes 30 to 36 and cups only from A to D as if these were the only available sizes. What happened to the larger cupsizes up to UK-K? And where are the larger bandsizes? Glamorise and Ulla Dessous make bras up to band size 54 and larger.

    • Susan

      Hi, I don’t think it is misleading. Am a really slender but I have a 36 D cup.

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