Padded bras: Here is why you may need one

    Padded bras enhance your cleavage and compliment the shape of your bust. Here is what you should understand on padded bras: What is a padded bra? As their name suggests, padded bras are bras with padding designed to give your breasts a boost or give them a particular shape. The padding gives your breasts a smoother and more even look. The padding comes in different materials, and the one you go for determines how full your breasts will appear as

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    Minimizer bra

    As the name suggests, a minimizer bra refers to a given type of bra that compresses the breasts’ tissues but still keeps the shape, thus enhancing the bust line. It achieves…

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    The Bullet Bra History

    A Bullet bra refers to a full support bra with cups shaped like a paraboloid of revolution and a perpendicular axis to the breast. The bullet bras gained popularity in the…

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    The History of The Bra

    Are you interested in the history of the Bra? Some people love bras, as they need the support that it provides while other people are vastly unhappy with the current designs…