Why Do My Bra Straps Keep Falling Down?

A bra is an undergarment worn by females to support their breasts. It has an important part known as the straps. They look like thick strings connecting the back and front of a brassiere, with the role of keeping it in the correct position on your body. Having a bra with comfortable straps where you don’t have to fidget or readjust them is satisfying. However, if the straps are falling, they won’t perform their part effectively and the bra will start to sag.

What does it mean if my bra straps keep falling?

One of the most annoying things while wearing a bra is finding straps on your elbows. No matter how tight you do them up, they keep sliding down. Notably, you are not supposed to tighten it to more than two finger tension since it can hurt your shoulders. Bra straps misbehave due to several reasons that differ from one person to the other. Therefore, you should identify the cause of your bra straps falling and ways of rectifying them.

Why do my bra straps keep falling?

Large cup size

Age and health tend to play games that result in to decrease in the breasts. Most women, as time goes by may lose breast volume on the top. Thus, this situation creates extra space in the cups. When the cup is not full, bra straps will sit uncomfortably on the shoulders. While you are wearing such a bra, straps will tend to slip and fall off now and then. Therefore, make sure you take a bra size test every six months to avoid wearing cups that are too big.

Straps not adjusted

Out of the many reasons why your bra keeps falling off, this is the most likely cause. Bras are made in a way that they have adjustable straps. Hence, they should fit your body and shape, if you tighten them correctly. There are those individuals who only modify their bra when they first buy them. Keep in mind that every time you wear a bra, the sliders move a little. If you fail to adjust the straps frequently, they will go in or fall when you are taking daily activities. Notably, straps offer about ten percent support to the breast; hence put them in place.

Shoulders are narrow

People do not have the same body frame. Some women have narrow shoulders that limit them on the styles of bras to wear. In case you have large breasts but are narrow in the shoulders, it can be hard to find a bra that stays securely in one place. Thus, you require a bra that has wide wires for support and has narrow straps. However, you can get out of this problem by using a J-clip on the bra to make them meet in the middle of the back. Additionally, you can buy a multiway bra where the straps are adjusted in various ways.

Band size

If the bra band is too large, your straps will fall. Also, when the band is too loose, it moves up on your back. There is always much movement as the straps are finding a way to stay in place making it slip off your shoulders. Remember that the band size correlates to how the bra is scaled. For instance, straps on the 34 band are more narrow than the 36 band bra. Hence, when you experience such difficulties, consider going down a band size and up a cup size. It is a way to tighten up the band size while maintaining the size of the cup.

Wrong style

Strap placement is vital. It takes part in; sizing, scaling ratios of your body, and coming up with bra style. Hence, it is integral to both the design and how well the bra functions when you wear it in a certain way. Note that not all bras are for everyone. Those females who have square shoulders can put on bras that have a wide-set of straps. Also, those with narrow shoulders should apply a style that is not far apart from their frame. Thus, it is crucial to note the style that best fits you since the wrong one will make the straps fall off your shoulders.

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How to Keep Your Bra Straps From Falling

Avoid bra extenders

Bra extenders are accessories used to provide more length to the back of a bra. They are applied if there is a distance between the straps and your body. However, when you use them in the back fastening, the distance between straps becomes wider as the back of a bra becomes extended. Also, the straps move closer to your arms increasing the chances of falling off your shoulder. Thus, it is best to avoid using bra extenders as they cause more problems. Instead of buying them, get a bra with bigger band size.

Make daily adjustment

When you experience strap slippage, you feel frustrated. In most cases, this happens because they have not been shortened enough. Therefore, adjust them every morning before you wear the bra. Most people are always in a hurry to get dressed. But putting your brassiere in the right position is crucial to your comfort for the rest of the day. Keep in mind that all styles have adjustable straps. However, the clip for adjusting might wear out if you put on the garment for a long time. If the straps keep getting longer even after shortening them daily, then it’s time to invest in a new one.

Bras with multiway straps

There are many types of multiway straps in the market that are critical for preventing your bra from falling. Some of them can be detached from the fasteners on the back and turned into an across-back design. Also, some can be hooked into racer-back using a small hook on the strap. Thus, these straps will hold your bra and keep it in the right place especially when you have a narrow shoulder.


If you are struggling with slipping bra straps, familiarize yourself with the causes and how to fix such problems. Use the above points to know how to position your bra straps until you are comfortable and contented. Also, evaluate the kind of bra you require in terms of size and style.

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