Padded bras: Here is why you may need one

Padded bras enhance your cleavage and compliment the shape of your bust. Here is what you should understand on padded bras:

What is a padded bra?

As their name suggests, padded bras are bras with padding designed to give your breasts a boost or give them a particular shape. The padding gives your breasts a smoother and more even look. The padding comes in different materials, and the one you go for determines how full your breasts will appear as they contain different amounts of padding.

What are padded bras made of?

Your padded bra could have water, air, foam, fabric, or gel padding.

Water padded bra

Water bras have soft padding of water or even oil. They can be found in different styles, with some even having removable inserts that help in support.

Foam padded bras

In foam bras, a layer of foam is sandwiched between fabrics designed to give breasts a lift. The foam ranges in different thicknesses and may be polyurethane or polyester.

Gel padded bras

Gel bras have smooth gel pads that give a more natural soft look. These gel pads sit under the breast and are covered by some light foam that provides extra comfort.

Fabric padded bras

Fabric padded bras consist of hypoallergenic material, removable in some bras. The fabric helps push up and support breasts.

Air padded brad

Air pads are fixated into the bra with fabric or foam to provide comfort for you. Air-padded bras are light in weight and boost your cup size significantly.

Who should wear a padded bra?

Some persons who should have nursing bras in their spaces include:

Lactating mothers

One of the most common things lactating mothers face is leaky breasts, which happen when the breasts get full. Padded bras do save mothers any would-be embarrassments by absorbing the milk patches into the padding.

Persons with sensitive breasts

People with sensitive breasts caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding should wear padded bras. The padding helps reduce irritation that would occur if there was no padding.

Persons with small breasts

Padded bras make breasts look fuller. If your self-esteem is dwindling because of small breasts, then it is time to grab a padded bra.

Benefits of wearing a padded bra

Wondering why you should get a padded bra? Here is why:

i. Shaping the bust

Breasts can be too pointy, especially in adolescence, or saggy in later life stages. Padded bras will make the breast surface of pointy breasts look even and lift those saggy breasts.

ii. Boosting cleavage

Other than shaping your breasts, padded bras also make breasts appear large. Larger breasts highlight your cleavage, bringing out the best look in blouses with deep necks. Even smaller-sized breasts will look fuller with padded bras.

iii. Covering the nipple

Nipples tend to show when in a non-padded bra. A padded bra helps avoid embarrassments of your nipples popping out since they have a pad that fits nicely between your breasts and the top or shirt you are wearing.

iv. An even look

You probably have looked at your breasts and noticed that they are not symmetrical. A padded bra masks the difference in size and gives them an even look.

v. Versatility

Padded bras can be worn with almost every outfit, whether formal shirts, blouses, t-shirts, or dresses.

vi. Comfort

No one loves her breasts jiggling around. Padded bras do cover the breasts firmly and support them well, offering comfort.

What is the difference between a padded bra and a normal bra?

The difference between a padded bra and a normal bra is the effect they have on your breasts. Padded bras lift your breasts and add volume for a better shape. On the other side, normal bras give your breasts a more natural look without necessarily supporting them fully.

Are padded bras good or bad?

Padded bras are good if worn in the correct size. They support your breasts and hold them together in place while still giving them a fuller look. Padded bras, however, have been associated with the risk of breast cancer, formation of lumps in breasts, reduced circulation, and less melatonin in our system.

Is padded bra good for small breasts?

Yes! A padded bra lifts your breasts, making them look fuller. So if you are not so endowed, you can give your breasts a boost with a padded bra.


You shouldn’t lack a padded bra in your lingerie collection. Remember to always get one that fits perfectly and one with good padding per your needs. For instance, if your breasts are saggy, a padded water bra is the best option as they give a better lift.

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