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Best Bra Fitting Guide – How to find your perfect fit bra?

Finding a perfect fit bra

A perfect fit bra is bliss but finding it is a tiring job and mostly it is a problem. The variation and ignorance make the women wear the wrong size bra. Not just the size but majority of women are wearing wrong style and cut.

perfect fit bra

The perfect fit bra will make you feel like angel, you will feel light and comfortable. But most women actually don’t think lot about their bra and buy bras they like and size they guess will fit them. Right bra will enhance your appearance and self esteem whereas ill fitting bra will invite many health problems, anguish and dreadful appearance.

Finding a correctly fitting bra is crucial to feel at ease and sustained. A perfectly fit bra gives you attractive appearance, a better posture and not to mention, comfort with no pain and marks.

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perfect fit bra

How to get the perfect fit bra?

  1. Take your measurement correctly

The bra size is determined by the two factors; band size and cup size. As a matter of fact, there are various ways to measure band and cup size. The difference between the bust size and the band size determines the cup size. The bust size or the bust line measure or over-bust measure is the measurement around the torso over the fullest part of the breasts, usually over the nipples.

  1. Use the proper fitting techniques

The method or the technique to confirm the proper fit is nicknamed the SWOOP AND SCOOP. After choosing the bra, the woman put her arms through the straps and adjusts them on her shoulders. Then she bends forward (the SWOOP) and let her breasts fall into the cups and fill the cups naturally. Fastening the bra on the outermost hooks, she stands up. She then pull and adjust her breasts into the cups (the SCOOP) with her opposite hands making sure there is no spills (over, sides, under). Follow this technique and you will be amazed with the result.

  1. Get fitted by the professional

Getting yourself fitted by a professional is recommended. They know better than anyone else and they what size and style will work perfectly for your breasts. When you gain or lose weight or when you go through hormonal changes (like pregnancy), your breasts will also change accordingly. Don’t hesitate to ask to the sales person in the bra stores. Don’t be embarrassed, these professional have seen it all before and they are there to help you get the perfect fit bra.

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perfect fit bra

How to confirm that the bra is fitting you perfectly?

The correctly fitting bra should meet the following conditions:

  1. The band of your bra should be snug but comfortable. You should be able to fit a finger or two when you pull your band away from the body and not more than that.
  2. The band should be around your body parallel to the floor. The back and the front of your bra should be on the same level and riding up on your back.
  3. The center panel or central gore should be lying flatly against your breast bone or the sternum.
  4. The underwire at the front should be flat against the sternum and along the inframammary fold. The underwire should not poke on the front or the sides.
  5. The breasts should be fitted in the cups and there should not be spilling breasts tissue over the cups or the sides or under the cups. You should have two separate breasts and not multiple boobs or uniboobs.
  6. The nipple should be at the center of the cup.
  7. The straps should be snug and resting on the shoulders comfortably. The straps should not fall or dig into muscle.
  8. The bra should stay in place when you put your hands up in the air and move around.
  9. You should not have any kinds of red marks or bruises or allergies. You should feel comfortable and supported furthermore.

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perfect fit bra

Extra tips:

  • You should own at least two bras for everyday use, two very comfortable (when you are home), couple of sports bra and couple of sexy bras.
  • Don’t go for cheap bras at cheap stores. Bras are investment for your good health and better appearance and comfort.
  • Always fasten the new bra at the outermost sets of hooks. This lets you tighten the bra when it stretches later.
  • Always fit your bra before you buy it. Take time while making the choices.
  • Love your body. Appreciate your feature. Everybody is beautiful in their own way.

Here is the bra-fitting-checklist we have prepared for you; you can use it while trying to find a perfect fit bra.

Share the checklist with your friends and family. You are doing them a big favor.

So, go ahead try on different styles and get yourself a perfectly fitting bra.


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  • DDtop

    Hi i put mine on by first doing the band up behind then getting my arms round and down so slip into straps seems to work ok that way.

  • Tara- Kristina

    Thank you so much for your advice! Now I can give this info to my friend who’s daughter needs a bra (she’s 13 and a half) I suggested that she buys a bra for her as her breasts look a bit big. Can I give a bra to my 11 year old daughter? She’s very young but it looks like her breasts are developing very easily? Any advice?
    From tara-kristina

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