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Don’t be a Blockhead: Learn the solutions to the bra fitting problems

bra fitting problems

Bra Fitting Problems and their Solutions

Bra is small piece of apparel but very important one. Almost all women have face bra fitting problems. But most women tend to be ignorant about the size and style of the bra they are wearing. The study has shown that 80% women wear the wrong size bra. Some may be ignorant but most of the women don’t really know about the right bra for them.

The ill fitting bra brings lots of problems which can be uncomfortable and irritating and unhealthy and sometimes embarrassing. This may not be wrong if we say that all women have encountered one or few bra problems at least once. Some may face such problems on the regular basis. Most of the problems are due to wrong size while some due to unsuited style & design.

If you are having any of these symptoms, then you are wearing the wrong size bra and you must be facing one or some of the bra fitting problems. Here, we will talk about the bra fitting problems and see the solutions to them. Read carefully and master your bra fitting techniques.

  1. Falling straps

Are you tired of your ever-falling straps? Those annoying straps. Do you know why these straps keep falling? Check your straps. They should be snug and resting on your shoulders comfortably. You should be able to fit two fingers in between your shoulders and straps and not more than that.

bra fitting problems and solutions

The foremost reason is the loose band. The bigger band means the all the parts of the bra are also have increased size. Bigger band size has the straps far out on the shoulder which causes the straps to slip. You should try smaller band size. Just tightening the straps will simply not help.

The other reason can be the sloped shoulders. If your straps are snug and your band size is perfect but still your straps are falling off then you might have sloped shoulders. In that instead of regular balconette bras you can try convertible bras or the cross back bra or the strapless bra.

bra fitting problems
  1. Digging straps

Your bra straps never cease to annoy you with their problematic nature. Like the forever falling straps, some straps simply just dig. Those digging straps cause redness and soreness, also can cause headaches and nerve problems at neck and shoulder area. Are you experiencing this bra problem? You don’t have to suffer anymore and here is why.

The reasons for digging straps are loose band, too tightened straps and the thin straps. Let us first deal with the loose straps. Bands are supposed to provide 80% of the total support to your breasts. But if your band is loose, the weight of your bra pull down the straps looking for more support which causes your straps to dig. Make sure your band is snug and fit.

bra fitting problems

Sometimes, all you need to do is the check the straps. May be you have made your straps too tight. We have mentioned earlier how your straps should be. Snug and comfortable on your shoulders.

Not all women can handle thin straps and thin straps are not for everyone. Though thin straps look chic, your shoulders can’t handle them if you have larger breasts. That is why bigger size bras have broader straps; to provide support to your breasts and make you feel comfortable.

3. Noticeable straps

Everyone knows women wear bra. If the bra straps are showing then it is actually not a problem. But for some women, the noticeable straps are problems. They are greatly irritated, bothered and embarrassed by those visible straps.

bra fitting problems

If you don’t want your bra straps to be seen by others, then you can simply opt convertible bras or cross straps bras. If you are wearing tube tops or off shoulder tops then you can choose strapless bra. There is backless bra if you are wearing backless dress. Balconette bras are the bras with most visible straps; hence, you can avoid wearing them.

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bra fitting problems

You just simply try various styles of bra to get the bra of your choice.

4. Multiple boobs

Bras are there to enhance our appearance and give you an attractive look. Yet some of us fail to achieve that. Sometimes the breasts are overflowing from the cup. When you put on the top or dress on with those overflowing breasts, it gives an appearance of having four boobs instead of normal two. Sometimes the breasts tend to overflow from the sides giving the same, multiple boobs. You don’t want that to happen.

bra fitting problems

The problem is you are wearing bra with smaller cup than you need. Try on bigger cup and see the difference. And sometimes you just need to wear the bra the right way (swoop and scoop). Or maybe the style you are wearing is not suited for your breasts type. Try the bra with lesser foam or bra with stretchable lace cups (and they are pretty).

5. Uniboob

Women, you have two beautiful breasts and you want them to be seen as two beautiful separate breasts and not just one huge boob. We call such boob as uniboob and it doesn’t look beautiful. The reason why your breasts appear as uniboob is that your breasts are squeezed too much.

bra fitting problems

First thing you can do is adjust your breasts in the cups in the proper way. The central panel should be lying flat against your sternum as its job is to separate your breasts. If you are wearing underwire bra, then the underwire should be sitting between your breasts and along your inframammary fold. Also don’t forget to try bra with bigger cups and bigger bands. Just try different cup size, band size and styles until you find the perfect one for your breasts type.

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6. Wrinkled cups

Women with smaller boobs experience this problem with their bra. If the cups are too big for your breasts then obviously they won’t fit in them. There will be space left between the breasts and the cups which creates the problem of wrinkled cups. If you are the smaller size, don’t just get the smaller band size, check the cup size too. Most women get the right band size but they tend to forget about the cups.

bra fitting problems

The problem may not always be with the cup size. Sometimes the wrinkled cups can be due to the wrong style. There are various styles designed for all kinds of body shapes. If you have smaller frame then you can try demi bras instead or regular bras. If your breasts are not round and firm then try push up bras or the lace bras. Explore the styles.

7. Band riding up on back

Your band riding up on your back is really uncomfortable. Your straps on your back should be sitting parallel to each other. But when your band rides up, it gives the U-shape which is definitely not nice-looking. You already know that your band provides 80% percent support to your breasts and band must be snug. If the band is loose instead of snug then the weight of your breasts will put pressure on the straps and pull them down, which is why your band rides up.

bra fitting problems

Get the right band size and make sure it is snug; you should be able to fit couple fingers between your band and body and not more than that. The back and front of the band should be at the same level and parallel to the floor. Always fasten the bra at the outermost hooks so that you can move to inner hooks as your bra stretches over the time. Lift your arms up, move around and settle the band size, your bra should not lift up when you do so.

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8. Back fats/side lumps

By now you know that your band size is very important for the perfect fit. The wrong band size can invite various problems, among which back fats or the lumps are one. Many women suffer from this bra fit problem. The reason for this problem is, again, the band size.

bra fitting problems

Mostly it is caused by the band that is too tight. The tight bands dig into the muscles creating the lumps. Madeline, a bra stylist based in Australia says it is because of the loose bands; when they’re too big, they don’t stay in the right place on your back, which is parallel to or a little lower than where it is in front; the bands ride up and create dreaded back lumps.

9. Pain and Allergies

Sometimes you might have noticed the red marks, bruises, irritation and the pain and soreness inflicted by those marks and bruises which are caused by your bra. Actually no bra is designed to hurt you. You just have to make the right choice.

Most women complain about the poking underwire which causes the marks and the pain. However, the underwire can never hurt and can be comfortable if worn in the correct size. The correct size underwire can solve the problem of uniboob instead of being a problem in itself.

bra fitting problems

The tight straps and tight bands can also leave such marks and pain. Just go for bigger size but don’t forget to check the cup size. And sometimes the fabric and material of the bra can be the irritation which can cause allergic reactions to those who have sensitive skin and health issues. You can always switch the size and designs until you find your perfect fit.

10. Asymmetric breasts

Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference of form, position or volume of the breast. In an article published in Annals of Plastic Surgery, it is stated that natural breast asymmetry exists and about 5-10 % women have severely different breasts and 62% has left breast larger than the right.

bra fitting problems

Padded bras or simple bra pads may take the asymmetry less of a problem. A cookie (a foam or silicone pad) can be used to fill out the space in the cup. You can also choose the lace bras and the balconette bras which are less de-emphasizing regarding the size difference of your breasts. An augmentation or reduction performed by a plastic surgeon can be recommended for making breasts more symmetrical, if the asymmetry is highly visible.

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Bra fitting problems and solutions in brief:

Falling straps1. Loose band
2. Sloped shoulders
1. Try smaller band size
2. Try different style (convertible, cross back)
Digging straps1. Loose band
2. Too tightened straps
3. Thin straps
1. Make sure band is snug and fit
2. Check the straps (should be snug and comfortable)
3. Choose bra with broader straps
Noticeable straps (not for all)1. Avoid balconette bras
2. Choose convertible, cross straps, strapless, backless bras
Multiple boobs1. Smaller cups
2. Wrong style
1. Try bigger cups
2. Wear the bra the right way
3. Try on other styles (stretchable lace cups, lesser foam)
Uniboobs1. Breasts are too squeezed
2. Smaller cups
1. Make sure the central panel is sitting perfectly on your sternum
2. Try bigger cups and other styles
3. Adjust breasts in the cups in the right way
Wrinkled cups1. Bigger cups
2. Wrong styles
1. Don’t forget the cups while going down on band size
2. Choose the right style according to your shape
Band rides up on back1. Loose band1. Go down with band size
2. Band should be snug and parallel to the floor
Back fats/side lumps1. Too tight band1. Try bigger band size
2. Band should be snug, not too tight
Pain and Allergies1. Tight straps
2. Tight band
3. Wrong size underwire bra
4. Sometimes fabric and material
1. Go for bigger size but don’t forget the cup size
2. Wear correct size underwire bra
3. Switch the size and designs
Asymmetric breasts1. Natural1. Padded bras or simple bra pads
2. You can use cookie
3. Lace bras and balconette bras
4. Augmentation, if asymmetry is highly visible

We really hope that our efforts did not go in vain and you are now able to solve your bra fitting problems. If you are facing any problem which we have missed to mention above, please let us know.

You can directly contact us or let us know in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you overcome your bra fitting problems.


Happy Bra Fitting!


You can visit our Glossary to understand the bra types that are mentioned above.

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