• why most women wear wrong size bra
    Bra Size

    Why most women wear wrong size bra?

    Most women wear wrong size bra. The bra size varies from woman to woman as the shape, size, spacing, position, symmetry and firmness vary from woman to woman. The bra manufacturers…

  • Bra Size

    Average Bra Size

    What can we say about the sizes of women breasts? The shape and sizes and form of the breasts vary from woman to woman. Determining the standard set of bra sizes…

  • bra size conversion
    Bra Size

    Bra Size Conversion

    Most women end up wearing the wrong size bra because the perfect fit bras are very hard to find. The lack of International Standards for the measurement is making it more…

  • how-to-measure-bra-size
    Bra Size

    How to measure bra size?

    You are well aware that the bra sizes labeling differs from country to country and manufacturer to manufacturer. How to measure bra size is big question. If you want to know…

  • Bra Size

    Bra Sizes

    Bra sizes basically depend on the band sizes and cup sizes of the particular bras, usually consists of numbers and alphabets. In 1932, bra cup sizes were invented and band sizes…